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Ron Zemp Aesthetic Laser Distributor 

Ron Zemp

About Ron Zemp & Jennifer Zemp

Ronald Zemp

Longevity Medical Limited Used Cosmetic Lasers - 


Ron Zemp delivers lasers  in excellent working condition and that can be used to perform safe, easy, painless and effective treatment. There are 4 types of Cosmetic Lasers that can be used to treat various skin conditions. These include argon, pulsed-dye, neodymium:YAG and carbon dioxide based lasers.

Why do business with Longevity Medical Limited?

Not only are Ron Zemp's Longevity Medical Limited lasers less costly, but since they have been already in use, so the efficacy of these lasers is beyond doubt.


Used Cosmetic Lasers can be used to perform elective medical cosmetic laser procedures such as cellulite removal, hair removal, scars removal, moles and nevi, warts, spider nevi, lentigenes, port wine stains, resurfacing, facial spot removal, tattoo removal, spider vein removal, and other elective cosmetic procedures.


Non-surgical procedures performed using Used Aesthetic Lasers by medical practitioners and physicians, allows them to demand reasonable charges from their customers.This ability to perform surgeries at affordable prices has allowed cosmetic laser procedures to be availed by not just high class customers but also middle class customers. As such the number of customers who can avail these procedures has increased, allowing the medical practitioners and physicians to earn more money than ever before.

Used Aesthetic Lasers are not just bought and sold but are also leased from third party vendors. In such cases the leased out laser systems are generally less than 3 years old, being a very interesting buying option. 


Longevity Medical Limited and Ron Zemp

Facilitate deals of those buying and selling cosmetic lasers or cosmetic equipment through our vast network investors.

The Aesthetic Market: the aesthetic market is a double edged sword.   You can either get over your head with overpriced lasers that you pay warranties on and outrageous monthly fees or you can purchase used equipment for a third of the price.

The reason why it is such a great time to grow in this business is that the amount of available equipment is unprecedented. A doctor or spa can buy a 1 year old laser that was originally listed at $100,000 now for only $30,000 (that is 30 cents on the dollar) and he or she can build the same million dollar spa with the same equipment just a little used.

Now there is an incredible opportunity for people with available means or good credit to open a center! The biggest advantage to this market, in reaction to the economy, is the supply and demand of the industry.

NOW is a great time to get in the aesthetic business, Ron Zemp will help you with his inventory of new and used cosmetic lasers !  Ron Zemp's lasers are affordable and the service is superior.

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